Say Hello to More Customers 

Readers often leave Web pages in as early as 10-20 seconds. To achieve several minutes of user attention, you need to develop a clear value proposition

Here's how my content consulting services achieve favourable business outcomes for IT companies...

Get found online, make customers know you exist, and unnerve competitors

Generate more traffic, get impressive digital mentions and win valuable social referrals

Experience extraordinary business results with highly targeted content that lift your Virtual Visibility, Reputations and Social Media Engagement, enhance overall Ranking and Conversions.
Organize your enterprise content strategy with ambitious editorial calendar, content strategy operational roadmap, and business cases.

Develop a professional voice for your business, create ready to rank, LSI-based copy that converts into a consistent stream of ongoing revenue.

What is offered with content consulting plan

Develop a popular digital presence and consistently reinvent it for increased revenue potential. Find how I do what I do.  

Analysis of your existing digital status to determine if your business objectives is aligned with your brand's messaging 

Creation of a list of important search terms and keywords your customers use to find business like yours 

Identification of strategic platforms  where you can reach out to more customers and gain maximum visibility 

Development of editorial calendar and guidelines for the tone, style and voice of content across platforms 

Production of niche content for the brand’s designated audience

Preparation of an editorial strategy for consistently valuable content production  across all delivery streams

Analysis of what’s working and what requires improvement

Sustaining the value derived from digital spend through continual post production consultation

Should you want to learn more, please view the case briefs