Case Studies

Your Keyword. My Story

Effective storytelling sells. Here're a few case briefs where my professional engagement helped some of my clients yield greater return out of their total digital spends 

• My emailer on SAP SuccessFactor yielded consistent consulting queries for a major IT company

• My articles written for a well-funded startup received impressive digital mentions and helped them win social referrals

• A certain blog in the technology space is so well managed it receives thousands of visitors weekly. I authored its initial blog entries, offered digital marketing consultation and developed its strong foundation

• I am the first point of preference for a mid-sized IT company for their monthly work requests. Part of the job requires me to improve their clients' Reputation and Social Media Engagement, enhance Site Rankings and Conversions. They're confident they hired me since five years now

• As a freelance SEO content writer and content strategist, I helped an FMCG company migrate into the digital space with zero orientation obstacles. Today, most of their queries and resulting orders originate from virtual sources.

Contact me NOW to schedule a no-obligation meeting preferably over Skype and learn how - with the power of content - I can help you achieve tangible value, and measurable business outcomes. 

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