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After graduation in English and Masters in Mass Communication, I found safe refuge in content writing and since then there's no looking back. I'm thankful for whatever I have achieved as a content writer - learning, experiences and great memories. 

Hello. I'm Robi from a beautiful city named Silchar in India. I study and made my living from language and the Internet

Over the past one decade, I have written, edited and managed hundreds of online communications across a variety of social platforms for a wide range of national and international clients. 

I work with my clients to develop and if necessary nurture the content that generates sales, builds brand reputation and produces measurable business outcomes.

Why choose me?

What differentiate me from competition? Perhaps a few genuine reasons are here 

NASSCOM NSR verified

Over 12 years of professional content writing experience 

100% Original, copyscape passed content

Well-versed with latest Google algorithm 

Ghost-written, all rights will be transferred 

Unlimited revisions

Genuine client testimonials on request 

Master's degree in Mass Communication and Journalism. Bachelor's degree in English

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Why Being a Freelance content writer hurts but pays!

To all who suddenly felt I have gone missing/mad (no pun intended)

Let me begin on a very honest note: With an aim to play with uncertainties and test the height of misfortunes, I discontinued my 9 to 5 regular office job and began full time freelancing career, right from my home! The problem is freelancing is not a career, it’s a plain job filled with insecurities for tomorrow, misunderstanding with prospective customers, hours of wait for a valued assignment and everything that is odd, and uninteresting for a full time salaried person. But then what pushed me forward to take up on this challenging role and that why I discontinued my full time career which was earning me money, comfort, fame and security – of course after paying the taxes?

Welcome Sir! Thanks for speaking with me today

• My emailer on SAP SuccessFactor yielded consistent consulting queries for a major IT company
• My articles written for a well-funded startup received impressive digital mentions and helped them win social referrals
• A certain blog in the technology space is so well managed it receives thousands of visitors weekly. I authored its initial blog entries, offered digital marketing consultation and developed its strong foundation
• I am the first point of preference for a mid-sized IT company for their monthly work requests. Part of the job requires me to improve their clients' Reputation and Social Media Engagement, enhance Site Rankings and Conversions. They're confident they hired me since five years now
• As a freelance SEO content writer and content strategist, I helped an FMCG company migrate into the digital space with zero orientation obstacles. Today, most of their queries and resulting orders originate from virtual sources.

The tragedy is Pre-Election Promises were never so important

Since when did we start taking promises made in election seriously? Pre-election promises are made to be broken and we're grown up knowing this. So, it is wrong to assume AAP won solely for promises it made. AAP won because it rightly leveraged on the momentum of anti-corruption campaign Anna started. It connected with common people, it branded itself like a layman, and best of all it made common people feel they are actually forming a government. Now, even if AAP don't meet the promises it made, if it at least come near to the expectation level, it will be a big difference. But then the difference is not easy to achieve. The savers are skilled handling on corruption, farsighted strategies, unity within party, and rightful monitoring of executed ideas. Kejriwal should form government. Scoring 100 out of 100 on the promises made is not important.  Anything above 40 is still an achievement