Why Being a Freelance content writer hurts but pays!

To all who suddenly felt I have gone missing/mad (no pun intended)

Let me begin on a very honest note: With an aim to play with uncertainties and test the height of misfortunes, I discontinued my 9 to 5 regular office job and began full time freelancing career, right from my home! The problem is freelancing is not a career, it’s a plain job filled with insecurities for tomorrow, misunderstanding with prospective customers, hours of wait for a valued assignment and everything that is odd, and uninteresting for a full time salaried person. But then what pushed me forward to take up on this challenging role and that why I discontinued my full time career which was earning me money, comfort, fame and security – of course after paying the taxes? 

Well, the valid question is almost visible on the face of everyone I meet every day at my city but they hesitate to ask, may be because they think this would hurt me. I may be overly imaginative but they must have an idea like this – I am actually not doing anything and playing the role of a returned resource who must have failed to survive the wrath of metropolitan lifestyle and now    enjoy the comfort pre established by my parents.