Why Being a Freelance content writer hurts but pays!

To all who suddenly felt I have gone missing/mad (no pun intended)

Let me begin on a very honest note: With an aim to play with uncertainties and test the height of misfortunes, I discontinued my 9 to 5 regular office job and began full time freelancing career, right from my home! The problem is freelancing is not a career, it’s a plain job filled with insecurities for tomorrow, misunderstanding with prospective customers, hours of wait for a valued assignment and everything that is odd, and uninteresting for a full time salaried person. But then what pushed me forward to take up on this challenging role and that why I discontinued my full time career which was earning me money, comfort, fame and security – of course after paying the taxes?  

Well, the valid question is almost visible on the face of everyone I meet every day at my city but they hesitate to ask, may be because they think this would hurt me. I may be overly imaginative but they must have an idea like this – I am actually …

Is it secured to leave a job without having one at the time of recession?

The answer to such a question itself starts with a question. Why does an employee tend to leave a job without grabbing one? The most possible reasons revolve around five points:

1. Lack of opportunity to upgrade skills. 2. Unfair salary structure or absence of skill rewarding programs. 3. Any personal problem which is completely unavoidable. 4. Being over burdened and over pressured, and 5. Disorganized work environment.
It’s a fact that employees should be adaptable to changes and open to challenges. However, there are times, when things get tougher with the presence of the above-mentioned issues. During those crucial times, anemployee’s confidence takes over his compromising attitude and one fine day he resorts to pen down his papers without having one. An employee with such an attitude may host two thoughts in mind before taking such a decision.
1. He thinks his potentialities that went unheard in his current office will surely grab him his kind of job if he makes a serious search.
2. Hi…